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Flying from India to USA

Two years ago, when I was bidding good bye to my brother I had mixed feelings of joy and sadness. I am happy because he is moving to USA to improve his career, sad because I would miss him.

Three years later, I came to know even my family would be moving to USA. Since he got settled over there in a very good position, he asked us to come over there permanently. On receiving the news I felt happy yet sad because this meant I would have to leave my home, my friends, my cousins, my country.

In a simple answer I can say I’m going to leave everything. It was decided that first I would fly to USA and my parents would join me later. I felt all alone in the plane. It was extremely cold and the air hostess served us with some food and drinks. I had my food and went into deep sleep.

While in flight I dreamt of my school, my memories with my old friends, my favorite places, and my life in India. I am really going to miss everything and everyone in India. After landing I felt everything in USA is very different when compared to India. The American System, their laws, their rules and regulations, food habits, architecture etc.

It took me many days to get settled down in USA. The educational system was difficult for me in the beginning but it is not too hard to manage. I made new friends there. But still I miss my old friends. I missed two of my cousins with whom I like spending my free time in India. They are very naughty, active and friendly.

Slowly I got used to the life in USA as an Indian.

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