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Memories are the only things which can bond people together we love or hate with the events that happened in the past and recalling the previous experiences or events or emotions at this moment, even in their absence. Memories involve both remembering and forgetting. Memories serve as a standard record to our past.

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Each and every one in his world will be having their own memories and it might differ from person to person which can be either sweet or sad memories or I can say good and bad memories.

It’s only a simple thing, we all are aware of  that people can have bond or interaction when they are together but what if they are away from us, even far away from us where we can’t reach them in our life time. In what way we can have the people we love to be with us in their absence. Then only memories can get them back to us for some time and make us feel like they are really with us all the time.

After these many years when I look back, I feel like life gave me many memories with my family, friends, enemies, relatives, my love, sometimes even with strangers to lead the rest of my life happily. Some gave me the wonderful moments of my life and some gave me the worst moments but the only thing I consider is how I am going to react to those situations in order to keep myself happy.

There are some people who gets worried all the time taking things keen to their heart due to some tragic events that happened in their past but there are many people who have learned to forget and move on, irrespective of whatever happened in their past.

Good memories gave me hope and happiness in my life. And bad memories gave me sadness but still I can find one good thing in that it make me learn how to handle certain worst situations and make me strong enough to help myself and others.

Some of the memories can be captured in camera so that even after passing so many years, so many days, so many experiences, so much time, we can recall those moments. But most of the memories usually stay in our mind and we can recollect them anytime, anywhere we want to.

I really feel happy to have most memorable memories with many people who came across my life so far from my childhood to till this moment. Without memory, there would be no past, but only the present.

Things end, but memories last forever…

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