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My World My Dreams

Everyone will have their own world even if it is small or big. I hope just like me everyone will be having their own real and imaginative worlds they dreamt to be. Most of us want to live in a dream world we always imagined to be there from our childhood to now. But the truth is there is no such world exists in real life.

Even though we all know that we can’t live in such a dream world but still we love be in that imaginative world rather than in the real world. And I will tell you the reason behind this from my side. In my dream world, • I can create things of my own choice.

- I can have everything which I like the most.

- I can acquire the most desired things in my life.

- I can spend a lovely time with my most loving people at my favorite place.

- In my dream world I can be an angel flying like a bird in the sky.

- In my dream world I wish I could hug my dad, feel very safe in his arms, go for a walk around holding his fingers once again and spent some more time with him that is never going to end forever.

- I can sit on the clouds and eat vanilla ice-cream generated from the clouds and watch the people on earth.

- I can be a princess in the kingdom, having a palace of ice and also have a prince for me who can do anything for me.

- I can study in a magic school and have the magical powers just like Harry Potter.

- I can have a world of toys where I can play endless.

- I can change many things that I don’t like in this world.

- I always dreamt of a world where there is no violence, no hatred, no hunger, no poverty, and no unemployment.

- In my childhood, I dreamt of becoming a doctor or pilot but now I’m an engineer, I can fulfill those dreams in my imaginative world.

I hope that My Dream World and My Real World become the same one day with full of Love, Peace and Happiness.

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