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My letter to my Daddy

There will be always a special place for you in my life, you taught me how to stand up, and you have given me the roots and wings to fly. To the world, you may be one person but to me you are the world. Dear Daddy, Tomorrow is the big day for me. It’s time for me to take a turn. Its been very few hours left. I am going to be a wife of some else. My love is going to shared with another man next to you in my life. Now my heart if filled with gratitude and my mind is roaming the memories with you for the past 25 years.

From now onwards everything is going to change in my life - My home, My place, My name. Whatever crazy things that I have done in our home, I’m going to miss every single moment and its going to sweet memories alone. So today, I just want share some words with you as Karthika Ramamoorthy. Tomorrow my name will be changed as Karthika Shanmugavel. It been very difficult for me to leave our family and need to live in a new family. In our family you guided me, protected me and encouraged me. With your guidance and support, have faced all the tough and critical situations in my life. You never let me down in any situations. You have given most beautiful childhood life and you have provided me the full freedom.

On my 13th BirthDay, Starting of my teenage life, you have gifted me a big teddy bear. It’s still lying in our bed. Its comforts me and puts me in sleep by every single night. It’s not the teddy I never asked for what I wanted, you gifted me what I need. While I going for 11th Class, I changed the school. You have gifted me a Bicycle even after paying huge amount for tuition fee and book fee in my school. I can see the Bicycle standing in our Balcony. While joined my Engineering you gifted me Scooty. I know you suffered for money after paying lakhs and lakhs of money in my college. But you have seen only my comfort. Whether its story books, girly stuff, mobile phone, I can see only your pure love on that. Everything you have gifted have ensured my safety and been as a very good friend.

You encouraged me on my failure. You celebrated my success. You taken care when I am Sick. You have shown the world to me. I can’t thank you for what you did for me. Thanking is null when comparing your love. My love will be always with you wherever I go, whatever I am. I only wish to God is that my would-be husband should be like you. He should accept me as I am. He should travel as a good friend in this second phase of my life.

From now onwards, I am not going to be with you but my memories will be with you for-ever. I promise that I will be there for you, when you need me. Please promise me daddy that you will not miss me. When you think about me, I need to ensure that only smile should full your face. Now, I am having 2 families to share my happiness and sorrows.

My heart is heavy and my eyes is full. "I may get my prince, but you always my king".

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