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My parents are very special to me

Parents play a very prominent role in everyone’s life. They will plan and build a solid foundation for us even before we come into this world in order for us to have a comfortable and successful life. Coming to my parents, they are truly the best people in the world I can say and they are really very much special to me because they love me unconditionally. And the other main reason is because of them only i am now here in this world alive. They keep a roof over my head.

My mom and dad always cares for me more than anyone else and makes me feel all the time that I am very much special to them. They gave me all the love and support without expecting anything in return. They both sacrificed many things for giving me the best in my life and so i love them very much.

Unlike many other parents they are very friendly to me, they gave me all the freedom I ever wanted and trusted me more than anyone else in this world and never take a "no" for any reason. They used to invite my friends to my home for my sake and make some fun time with them. They are a kind of people who always see the best in people in all situations, this makes them more special for me.

So far i have never met anyone who supports me as much as my parents do. There are times where I was slowly losing hope but my parents never let me down, they always giving me hope and letting me know that it is the only thing one can truly control. They told me that we will be with you all the way in your good times and even in your bad times and never to lose hope.

My dad gives me the right encouragement to face all the situations that come across. They always supported me to do what I want to do. They trusted in me that I am capable of anything and everything and that makes me achieve everything in my life.They have always forgiven me for my mistakes and make me learn good things from my bad experiences. No one in this world can replace your parents and always be grateful to them for being in your life with all the support.

One day when I see back, I can proudly say that they are the back bone of my life as they have taught me most of the things, almost everything to live my life to the fullest...!!!

Who I am today and whatever I am today is everything because of my parents in every way. I honestly thank god for giving me such a wonderful, lovable, caring and kind hearted parents in my life.

They are the BEST IN THE WORLD!!!

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