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The soulmate

Marriage, for everyone it is a dream, For Both Men and Women. It is the dream of searching and finding their soulmate. Nothing in this is world is more important than the word & feel in these words- My Man & My Girl.There are so many meaning inside the word in terms of love, mutual respect, trust, confidence to achieve anything in this world, Romance, secured feeling, understanding and everything. In love marriages people knows well about each other before their marriage itself, both of the souls knows each other about themselves. In arranged marriages it’s quite different in some cases. It will take some time to find the meaning of their soul mate.

I have used the word soulmate, it is the reality. It is only human who remains with us, live for us till the end of our life. There is no other relationship in this world will stay will us till the end, it may be father, mother, brother and sister, no one. It is husband or wife who retains, share life, love each other till the period both are alive. It is wonderful relationship when you start understating, taking care, loving. Somewhere you will forget the word men and women. You will start feel the other person as your soul mate.

Is this feel depends on money? Of course not! To some extend to lead our day to day life we need money. But the feel and the relationship that I explained is above everything. I would like to ask you one question, don’t you love your soulmate if they doesn’t have anything in hand. Actually it is the real love which gives them the confidence to achieve and conquer the world when have zero balance in their account.Money is not the big picture.

The mutual friendship, yes of course this word should also exist in this life. It is most important in this life. Till you feel your soulmate as your friend this beautiful relationship extends, love, understanding and the feel as a single soul will remains. But, our Indian society is not upgraded. Till dowry system is alive in India. Families are making marriages as business. This dowry system breaks the above said dream completely for a Girl. It is in the hands of the Men and women whether how the relationship is going to be. It is applicable to both Men and women.

While choosing your Men, choose him only based on his character, his love and achievements. Not for his property and wealth from his family. And also for Men, while choosing your Girl, choose for her alone, not for the dowry from her family. After Marriages, don’t ill treat them based on these ground. It is applicable to both men and women, give them the confidence that you are there for them at any situation and any point of time. Don’t make them to lose their heart. You are not there for him/ her. Where the basic trust in their life breaks. Marriage is not like getting a maid for the family who listens and works as per the instructions or getting an earning man who should make money always. It is wonderful relationship of love & friendship. Give your partner the space they need. Make some privacy for you both. It is not showing the picture in front of everyone Please understand.

We got upgraded in terms of technology, virtual business, automobile, living sophistication everything. But if we are not upgraded in terms of life, we can’t get the above said beautiful soulmate. This is not 1950, we are towards 2020.If a men accepts you for you alone. Then accept him for him alone. Don’t let others to make them down for the old culture and believes. Don’t allow them to lose their self-respect.This friendship has to be long-lasting and the love should remain with you for long-lasting. If you are not upgraded in your mind upgrade yourself. If your family members are not upgraded, upgrade them as well.

This is a short span of life, Ever though I explained this is the only relationship in life which remains till last, it is only till both are alive. We cannot predict the changes in life, see so many husband and wives are living apart for their business and work. So, start utilizing each and every moment of your life to love each other, understand each other, respect each other, and support each other. The meaning of the soulmate remains till the friendship and love remains. Be intimate always.

Propel yourself into the life with a clear direction. A self-awaking towards your life

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