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Travel on imaginations

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page – Said by Saint Augustine. As he rightly said weather we Indian society allow our daughters to travel?

I remember that I didn’t travelled even once alone in my life time. Travelling gives us lot of experience but it will take most of effort to convince most of the sides to execute a travel plan for a Girl. Our parents are thinking that we are going out of in-secure network during a travel.

Travelling on our own money is a beautiful feeling. It will teach you lot of new things. We can see the beauty. We can see new culture. We can make new friends. It teaches us to make decisions. It increases our responsibility. It will teach to grow in life and it will give us the confidence.

Our Indian society mingles the character of a girl, if she travels alone. Even our home is not an exception. Too many of friends, even they can’t think about a travel plan even with their friends. Then where is the next step to propose a travel plan to their parents (or) plan for a solo travel.

Whether they think that we are immature? Yes, we most of the girls are really immature and innocent to handle this society. If we are matured enough then why we are travelling on imaginations only, we might have broken these rules and our parents thought. Most of our parents didn’t make us strong, smart or confident enough. That’s the reason we are not fit / mature / strong / smart enough to break the rules

Most of us will love to have birds in home. We will keep birds in cage. We will feed them. We will play with them. We love them. If we cage the bird for life-time, it will not survive either inside (or) outside.

Most of the Indian homes have caged Indian girls!!! Then how they will survive inside and outside? This world has become ugly, please make our Indian daughter to fly (or) teach them to clean.

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