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Who is beautiful

Beauty is really hard to define because its always in the eye of the beholder. If we truly like someone, they really seems beautiful to us irrespective of their colour, caste, religion, character and their physical appearance. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways in helping others. People can see the beauty in some things where others may not. The real beauty doesn’t lies in the external appearance but in the beautiful soul.


Once myself and my husband were returning to home after watching night show movie from EA mall in Mount Road. Time was around 1 PM. After reaching for some distance, we noticed that our bike was puncture. We realized that we have travelled in the punctured bike for more than 2 KMs. Since Metro Rail work underwent in Mount Road, We have taken alternate route. We were helpless and Road was empty. Dogs are barking and 1 drunken person was lying in the platform. Even though I shivered a lot but I got some relief seeing my husband. But my husband seems to be like fully sweating and walking forward by moving the bike to get help from someone. We found a petrol bunk and thought filling the air and go to home. But there is no option to ride the bike even for little bit distance. Bike tyre was completely destroyed since we were travelled for more than 2 KMs without noticing the puncture.


There is no option to book the cab since most of the service providers number was not reachable (or) busy. By walking for more than 1 KM, we found a closed puncture shop. 2 Person was drinking outside the shop. With some hidden fear and showing some boldness in face, my husband asked them for help. Among the 2 persons, 1 person said that he can able to paste the punctured holes but the tyre was completely damaged and he cannot repair the tyre instead the tyre needs to be replaced. Where we can get new tyre in Mid-Night?


Another person said that he can bring the new tyre in a 24/7 shop available at around 2 KMs away from the current place. I requested him to buy the tyre to help us. There is no option for Auto, Bike (or) other transport facility in that Mid-Night. We ourselves questioned as how to reach there? One person said that he can get the bicycle from his neighbor. He asked my husband to take the bicycle and go, to buy the tyres. I got frightened and requested them to go. Without replying a single word, they went. They fixed within half-an-hour. We thanked, paid and returned home safely.

I have seen the respect they have given to me. Their timing help. Though they were drunken, they are the most beautiful person for us.      

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