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Smart Phones

In day to day life we could see and experience how vastly the technology has developed. One such witness to it is the industrial cum commercial product in market which is nothing but smart phones. It works smarter than humans but it is the smart invention by brains of a man. Nowadays we can see pockets without single penny but there cant be any pocket without smartphone.

The benefits and drawbacks of using it can be better termed as dual sides of a coin. For that matter we cannot completely ignore it since it has plenty of usage and it has occupied our life like our basic need like food and water. Let us have a look at the merits of smart mobiles. The first and foremost is that it has shrunk the world in our hand. It saves a lot of time and money. We can get clock, calendar, alarm, FM, Music player, Camera, web access etc.

So the alarm clock is no more in any house , No daily calendars at any home, whenever they need the date they will just use the widget. For capturing moments we don’t have to wait it can happen just by a click in mobiles anytime. It can be shared to any number of people in no time. Also, we don’t need anyone to capture photos, it is also been made easy by selfie culture. To listen favourite songs we don’t have to wait for it in Tv/ radios we can hear it any number of times.

People who cant afford a player can now make use of mobiles. Then comes the web access via internet connection we can chat with persons anywhere in the world. It makes us connected to tshe family always. We can feel their presence close to us using online chat feature. People could be in touch with old buddies and family members who stay far from each other.

We can have video calls and feel connected to everyone around us. People who stays abroad can hardly visit native so for them it is a bigger advantage of having smart phones. It made their life so easy and happy. We can have lot many apps for kids to learn many stuffs, to engage them in many activities. They can listen to short stories, granny stories etc. They have memory games, painting, online drawing etc. Online shopping is a one more feature for which there a plenty of apps available now.

Usually people spend a lot of time in shopping, so with this feature we can shoppe online and can be returned if not satisfied. We can easily dine by ordering online and even groceries, vegetables and fruits. Hence in everyday life , right from basic needs to communicating with people smart phones took over the world. The fulfilment of needs have led to addiction of usage among the people especially among youths.

So this made life miserable for their parents. As we all know “Too much of anything is good for nothing”. The same applies to the usage of smart phones as well. It has been made to save time and spare sometime. But it leads to lots of consuming useful time.

They are just wasting their time in unnecessary activities. Deviation of concentration and focus from their studies and goals. It made them worried. They value the people in mobile and not the ones near them. Just by having ease of access to mobiles people engage in anti-social and illegal activities. They are least bothered about the life of a person just by hiding their identity. For the addiction people are sometimes paying their life in the worst case.

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