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Best drinking water filter

With available different sources of water, there are heightened hypes too about which would be the best drinking water. When considering the environmental concerns, it is highly risk to intake the water from its natural sources hence come importance of drinking water filter. On the other side, bottled water is considered better for drinking, but how long and for how much one can buy it for regular use! Indeed, people nearby mountain streams are fortunate enough in getting best water that avail in the planet free; we obviously require a best drinking water filter.

People like us nearby urban areas need to rely on water filters and other water distribution systems wherein to safeguard the health from chlorine, cadmium, lead, zinc, copper, disinfecting by-products and other water contaminants present in the water source. Appending below are few of the best drinking water filter on different categories.

When consider removing harmful germs and water contaminants, the pour through pitcher style or the carafe filter is the slightly efficient yet effective and affordable for all the households. A pitcher style water filter is actually designed to remove less likely around five substances present in the water and holds back the water’s taste and odor. However, could say that for about 50% it removes dangerous substances such as THMs, cysts and VOCs. Initially, it provides about 30 gallons of water wherein after that it requires a replacement of the filter. The price range starts from $25.

Reverse Osmosis Filtering method
As we, all know that RO process includes a thin membrane that filters all the contaminants present in the water. It is generally paired with granulated activated charcoal filter to remove harmful substances mount under the sink by having a holding unit. It removes even the harmful elements such as fluoride, chlorine et al to provide a purified drinking water. Nevertheless, RO filter is best drinking water filter, which is suitable for under sink water source.

Ion exchange filtering process
The process of ion exchange filtering technique actually dissolves the salts such as calcium, and other harmful contaminants present in the water. The method generally softens the water; otherwise can say that it replaces the naturally forming mineral ions in the water with its own mineral ions, hence neutralize the water with zero harmfulness and of capable for drinking usage.

Such ion exchange filtering technique is literally suitable for boilers, industrial atmosphere wherein now days it becomes familiar and quite perfect for household usage in which the system includes carbon for efficient water purification.

Distillation filtering process
It is of very simple method, where water is boiled and let up to change into steam. The water droplets from the steam are then collected in a container where it is allowed down to cool and condense. The droplets collected are literally of contamination free and combined with carbon then for 99.9% purification. Similar to the reverse osmosis process, few healthy minerals are found removed from the water.

Coarse Carbon and Carbon Block Filtering process
It is one another common type as a best drinking water filter that works by granular carbon filters along with carbon block systems and of a common type as a best drinking water filter for counter top and under counter water filtration.


Preferably, when you require filter for getting pure drinking water, see to the features and level of percentage that how well it purifies why because most of the filters do not address on such characteristic on display in the market. Finally, it is recommended to go mud-pots and copper vessels as how our ancestors use are the best ways to get water filtered.

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