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Causes and treatments to cure back pains

Back pain and shoulder pain are of quite common ailments that we all hear every day. Most of the cases are not actually serious, wherein the cases from unexpected injuries, trauma must be taken care of with immediate and intensive attention.

Why pain comes?

The common reason among the world is that of – bad posture or wrong posture. Hunching towards the front side while sitting and standing lead to get hold of pinching back pain and shoulder pain. Once you practice proper procedure in posturing will relieve you from the sooner a while. If the case of sudden met accidents, slip & fall injuries are to be treated properly by the control of specialists such as Ortho doctors, and Physiotherapists.

How pain comes?

The causes of neck pain include but not just limited to:

  • Deviations in the bone joints
  • Osteoporosis
  • Prolonging poor posture
  • Deteriorating diseases
  • Trauma
  • High level of muscle strain

The causes of shoulder pain include but not just limited to:

  • Strains due to over physical exertion
  • Tendonitis due to over workload
  • Instable shoulder joints
  • Dislocation joints
  • Collar bone fracture
  • Upper arm bone fracture
  • Cold shoulder
  • Radiculopathy (in medical term) or fed-out nerves

How to diagnose the pains?

Plain examination: Plain examinations are nothing but done by doctors of specialists. They examine the individuals by giving some exercise do’s on the affected areas, by simple stretch outs, hands up & hands down et al.

X-ray examination:

X rays have the ability to reveal out any signs of dislocations or any set of discomforts such as ligament tear, bone fractures et al. And if any narrowing discomforts include but not just limited to: arthritis, tumours, gap between any two spinal bones or spinal canals, prolapsed discs, and any flux in the spinal cord or spinal canal.

MRI Scan:

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a non-aggressive procedure that has the ability to reveal out the detailed pictures about the effects in the neural parts (nervous or nerve-related).

How to cure?

As per the discomforts detected, the affected persons will be treated with proper medications prescribed by the specialists. The set of treatments in the medical arena are of: physiotherapy, osteopathy, remedial massage, traction and oral medication for higher level of risk conditions.

Appending below are few of the treatments procedures:

  • Tissue massages (soft and high level)
  • Joint manipulation or conscription
  • Conscription to stretch out the tightened muscles
  • Exercise to stretch out for strengthening the affected parts
  • Postural exercises
  • Stabilisation of shoulder joints
  • Supporting posture
  • Relaxation therapy

Tips for all:

        1. Follow right postures

        2. Don’t lift too much of weight at one stretch

        3. Use levers to move off or carry out the heavy loads

        4. Give enough rest to your back

        5. Stretch out yourself when you feel jammed after tiredness

        6. Have proper and flat bedding

        7. Don’t use raised pillows

        8. Don’t sleep on irregular surface

        9. Do regular and fit out exercises

        10. Try using any set of normal and mild pain reliever for initial stage of pain

        11. Consider doctor visit for acute pains

Follow your doctor’s prescription for quick remedy!

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