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Health Development Guide from Neonatologists

Being a new mom, taking care of your new-born health as they grow through different stages is actually quite a trickle. The attacks of common illnesses may give you several sleepless nights and one too many heartbreaking moments. Nevertheless, all these can be prevented and can pass through by a good understanding of your baby's developments at different stages and the common issues.

Keep in mind that all babies are different, and will develop at different rates. As in for your new-born, just keep ready all the medications prescribed by his/her pediatrician. Your doctor might prescribe a first-aid kit of paracetamol, ibuprofen, general vitamin and calcium drops, and some for general cold and cough.

The first part you should not compromise to is that your baby’s vaccination. Childhood immunization is actually implemented to reduce the spread of certain harmful diseases among-st local communities. It has proven to be a very successful tool in keeping our kids healthy. In principle, vaccines protect babies and build immune against serious diseases that in rare cases can cause disability and death too.

Normally baby’s good health is represented by growth. The change in weight and height are signs for a good healthy baby. Because of that, always babies are weighing in every period. Poor growth is the main issue, it signifies that the baby’s illness or that doesn't feed well. Poor nutrition affects the baby’s future health. The sign of weight gain indicates health and that baby is growing well.

In future, the growth gets slow down when babies’ turn to toddlers’, also weighing isn’t necessary. In addition, they have to take regular health checks at weight &height observatory or at any pediatrician clinic.

There are some considerations in weight and length for born babies. Normally it is listed, average weights are between 2.5-4.5 kilograms (5lb 8oz to 9lb 12oz), and average lengths vary from 48-51 centimeters (19-20 inches) and more or less in weight isn’t a big problem.

Later, after birth, the baby gets weight loss, up to 10 percent of total weight is acceptable. Actually, the weight loss comes from waste matter (meconium) from bowels, and urine. The expectation of regaining the birth weight is about the 10th day. A lot of healthy babies will take longer period in general.

Sometimes babies get weight unevenly. This happened with breastfed babies. Ultimately the weight gain will be average like 150g-200g for a week, normally it slowing after the third months, and slowing again after six months. Sometimes your baby grows rapid and puts on more weight or grows more than usual, depends on time period and also age factors, more over nutrition supplement matters.

Author Name : Sangeetha.

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