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Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating paves an awesome path to lead an enhanced living with physical, mental, spiritual fitness throughout the life span. Intake of plenty of fruits, vegetables, greens, starch rich foods, fiber rich foods, dairy & products and limited fatty, salty & sugary and canned foods is the right way for sound health and healthy well being.


Normally, when you get to start your day between 7 am to 8 am, try kicking with fresh fruits and some sprouts for more energy and to feel bright. Fruits and veggies provide more energy to the mind & body with easing effect; hence they are the ideal food for the morning. Consider:

Oranges, which are special fruits and are recommended to take first in your morning! It has the capability of absorbing whole energy from the sun. And you can add, apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, strawberries to name a few to your morning fruit bowl.


You should see to the sprouts grown beautifully from the seeds and nuts. They are highly nutritious with n lots of minerals and vitamins to give high energy calories to the body. You can intake directly or you can garnish along with your smoothies or sandwiches. Consider figs, lentils, alfalfa, beans, to name a few.

Full meals

Starting the day with full balanced meals support you to go ahead with your tasks active and positive! Human body with zero amounts of healthy supplements goes tired with zero sign of brain power. A balanced full meal with the right proportion of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals leave you to feel full and energized till the clock sticks at noon. The right time to bat with full energy meals is about 9 am to 11 am where you would not feel fatigue then.

Juicing program

The noon clock could be finished with a nice juicing program in which you would feel more glowing, energetic and fresh; hence you could easily beat up the noon tiredness. Even when the individual faces any health issues, either acute or chronic pain would get ease. If you indulge yourself in such juicing program say for fresh fruit juice, lassi kinds, curd, buttermilk, or tender-nut water you could:

  • Think more crystal clear
  • Maintain a perfect weight
  • Feel full set of energy
  • Act more optimistic, and cheerful
  • Get up early, think sharp and overall well-being
  • Gain nutritious and overall nutrients flood in the individual
  • Gain glowing skin, shiny hair and look much younger
  • Enhanced immune system and fewer chances of getting illness

Evening meal

Calories will get burned easily no matter what time you ingest them. Though theoretically it is acceptable, but if it is a heavy one, then you might be under big trouble to burn them at late night. Hence it is advised to take fewer calories at night time, and so diet experts recommend taking a required & appropriate proportion of food before the sky gets dark is a must.

Science says, “Eating big meal closer to the bedtime would increase blood sugar & insulin which cause difficulty for you to sleep. And so the last meal of the day before bedtime must be two hours prior before sleeping and must be very light”. The biggest challenge lies that doctors advice that not to lie down immediately after meals if so chances are there to getting increased acid reflux which in turn actually bad for health. 

Glugging water

Intake of water in between the meals would hamper the stomach heavily, therefore, it loses its digestion power hence causing fluctuated insulin level. Science advises that drinking water before the meal would dilute the digestion strength (weakening of Agni power) because water has the cooling capacity, this process goes against the digestion strength. Drinking water immediately after food affects both the digestion power and the food quality (nutritional supplement). Therefore one can intake water as per required in between the meals which help to break down the food molecules and quenches the thirst too.

Bottom line

Healthy eating adds a boost to the longevity of living hence experts recommend eat nutritiously by choosing food from all the varieties. A balanced diet refers to ingestion of ample amount of food from main groups and limiting the food from the last group of fillers, to say finally.

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