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How to treat constipation in toddlers

Parents witnessing constipation in toddlers are really pity and they experience pain even. It is one of the most problematic things where even healthy kids suffer from constipation at some point. Though it is a common cause of issues, sometimes it leads to chronic problems that change into a big challenge for both parents and the toddlers to deal with.

The common cause for constipation in toddlers is often the behavioral activity & diet routine and not purely because of any abnormality in anatomical or any organic issues. Here follow some solutions that how to tackle constipation problems with toddlers.

Know what constipation is:

First see to that, how you determine that your baby is suffering from constipation! Not just because that your kid is not pooping every day and if there is any variation in the bowel movement. And when the age is getting added, there might be variation in frequency of stools – the numbers of frequency times get decreased from infant stage to toddler stage. In general, most of the toddlers say about 95% do have alternate day bowel movements.

Then when it must be considered as constipation problem? Appending below are the signs:

  1. Pain all over the abdomen
  2. Blood in the stools
  3. Painful and irritable bowel movements
  4. Hard and tightened stools
  5. Kid strains while pooping
  6. Incomplete evacuation
  7. Faecal soiling
  8. Apparent loss in weight
  9. Gradual decrease in the quantity of food in taking
  10. Puking and vomiting
  11. Delay in growth and development

Causes of constipation:

Very few cases of organic disorders lead to suffering from constipation, and they are of:

  1. Thyroidal issues
  2. Metabolic rate deficiency
  3. Hirsch sprung issues
  4. Cystic fibrosis issues
  5. Spinal cord abnormality
  6. Malformation of rectum or the anus
  7. Diabetes problems
  8. Celiac issues
  9. Lead toxicity issues
  10. Side effects due to antidepressants, antacids, narcotics, and ADHD drugs

Other reasons because of diet routine and behavioral activity:

Toddlers get constipated because of fiber content lack in the food supply. They in take many foods that comprise even with good numbers of carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins but with less amount of fiber, hence causing constipation. The stuff of junk foods, fast foods, canned foods, and processed foods lack fiber and high intake of those foods ultimately leads to constipation one day.

Water content from the withhold stools gets reabsorbed into the colon, which causes stagnant stool that becomes, even more, harder & tighter to pass, causing severe pain to the toddlers. And often a few stools get flushed out, in which medically it is termed as “fecal incontinence” or soiling.

Treatment for constipation in toddlers:

Though it is of chronic constipation problem, it can be cured and treated by proper nutritional supplement with fiber rich foods and no requirement of any magic pills needed. There are three major components to retrain your toddler’s bowel movement:

  1. Removal of plugged up stools,
  2. Softening the stools that to be pushed out easily, and
  3. Change in behavior systems.

Do’s: -

  • Add dietary fiber in your toddler’s meal every day, say for fruits, veggies and you can also consider OTC fiber (Bene-fibre or Metamucil)
  • Fruits and vegetables with high source of fiber say for: prunes, plums, raisins, peas, beans, apricots, broccoli et al
  • You can also consider banana, but be sure to pick the right one, wherein some varieties may lead to constipation in toddlers
  • Add more wheat products as bread, rotis, pasta et al
  • Add more fiber fortified cereals and pulses
  • You can use brown rice instead of white rice which is full of only carbohydrates
  • Give your toddler non-absorbable carbohydrates which tend for softening the stools by staying back in the gastrointestinal tract to absorb water: apples, pears, prunes kind
  • Make them engage in any set of physical activities but be sure those are apt for your toddlers. Keep in mind activities must not burden your toddler
  • Make your toddler drink plenty of liquids as in the form of water, juices, and soups
  • Follow regular meal schedule  practice the bowels accordingly, the system will come for an automatic routine for taking the food, processing it for digestion, sucking up for energy, and pushing out the wastes


- Avoid white carbohydrates and simple sugars (sweets, white bread, soda et al) - Fast foods, junks foods practically can’t avoid completely but limit those foods as once in 15 days or a month even for betterment

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