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Learn about overactive thyroid gland

Goitre is an unusual enlargement of thyroid gland. As per science, thyroid gland looks like a butterfly shape, which is located at the base of the thoracic neck part that is almost down below the Adam’s apple. Goitre is generally painless, but the enlargement causes sequent cough that leads to breathing difficult and swallowing problem.

Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid is the gland in which it produces two main and important hormones that are of T3 (Tri-iodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxine). Thyroid glands normally secret about 80% T4 and about 20% T3 and T3 is the stronger of the two! When in a least extent, thyroid gland produces calcitonin that is essential for controlling the blood calcium level.

Enlarged thyroid gland

Enlarged thyroid gland is otherwise medically known as Hyperthyroidism. It is caused by excessive thyroid hormones, i.e. overactive thyroid gland. Those who suffer from hyperthyroidism often behaves sensitive towards hotness, they eat excessive amount of food as higher than normal and always hyperactive. It is actually happen because of over stimulation of thyroid glands and inflamed tissues.

Removal of goitre

Removal of goitre might happen when the situation goes critical. Thyroid surgery is the option, where one-half part of the thyroid is operated, hence it is either thyroid lobectomy or hemi thyroidectomy or the entire part is removed as ‘total thyroidectomy’. In which it is to be established to confirm the inevitability whether the goitre and/or the nodule is cancer or not.

Thyroid Diseases & Disorders

There might bring many diseases and disorders about thyroid problem. In which, they develop at any age and may end up with various causes: disorders, deficiency, and diseases! However, for most of the cases, appending below are the symptoms that are to be traced immediately for treatment:

Excessive amount of thyroid secretion (overactive thyroid and/or hyperthyroidism)

 Lower level of thyroid secretion (underactive and/or hypothyroidism)

 Unusual growth of thyroid glands

 Lumps or the nodules found within the thyroid

 Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer

At times, say for 5% out of apart from those who are under treatments, may catch thyroid cancer. It can be found in the nodules of the thyroid less than five percent of nodules are cancerous and the goitre with no nodules is not a worry about cancer.

Solitary thyroid nodules

Solitary thyroid nodules or the lumps found within the thyroid are generally common, where all the human body have nodules present in their thyroid. Only then, the higher majority of nodules are compassionate, where the method of FNA (fine needle aspiration) biopsy is required enough to find whether the nodule is cancerous or not.


Thyroiditis is one another illness kind where, the thyroid inflammation is at time associated with irregular thyroid function, in particular for hyperthyroidism. Such thyroid inflammation may lead to fatal infection to the thyroid cells, leaving the gland impotent in hormone secretion and end up with nil energy to maintain human body’s metabolism. In addition, there are five different types of thyroiditis as per medical terms.

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