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Role of Spices

Spices are the substance used for preserving, coloring, and mainly to flavoring the food. Spices could be a seed, root part, bark, bud, berry or of any vegetable substance which are actually distinguished from herbs. Not only adding taste to the food, but also because of its antimicrobial properties, people seek spices to be added in the food. Foods especially of kinds with heavy calories required spices to be added to ease the food to be digested easily with no symptoms of bloat, puff up et al.

Not only in the cases of food, could spices also be used as medicine, perfumes, and in religious rituals et al. There a huge collection of spices, which can be classified as:

        1. Culinary Spices: Spice kinds specifically used in the foods or in drinks from botanical origin for the purpose of coloring and flavoring.

        2. Botanical Spices: Kinds of dried fruits, barks, dried flower buds, roots & stigmas, resin et al are considered as botanical spices, which are mainly used as food flavors and as medicines.

        3. Spice Mixtures: A collection from worldwide that include but not just limited to: Chat Masala (India & Pakistan), Chilli Powder & Curry Masala (India), Garam Masala (South Asia), Seasonings (United States), Mixed Spice (United Kingdom), Five-Spices(China), et al.

Role of Spices

No can imagine the food without spices added with it. Right from ancient kitchen, spices have a very own special place in the home remedies too. Spices not just excite the human taste buds but have vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, essential oils, anti-oxidants, anti-microbial properties. Though many spice varieties origin in India, some we still use which born in the regions of European and Arabian too.

Spices encompass a list of health benefits that gives protection and immunity to the human individual. Right from curing cold & cough, to fight against infections, boost immune power, inflammation reduction, induce sweat glands, gives cardiac care, prevent cancer, detoxification, lose weight or gain weight, induce appetite, bone strength, de-stressing, regulate digestion, dental health, hormone balancing, et al. Monumentally spices are much vital for overall wellbeing which also for marvelous taste to the food.

Appending below is the list of Spices that we commonly use while cooking that also carry nutritional and medicinal facts:

        1. Allspice: It is a carminative spice having soothing flavor and has anti-inflammatory property. It acts severely for curing cancer, and enhances the immune system. Adding to it, it provides dental health, stimulates digestion, and levels the blood pressure by acting as anti-analgesic element.

        2. Anise seeds: Enriched with vitamins, and minerals it improves skin quality and oxygenates the body parts. It acts as very good anti-oxidant, anti-spasmodic, anti-septic and stimulant.

        3. Amla: Otherwise known as Indian Gooseberry with rich vitamin C components act as anti-oxidant help boosting immune system, washing out all the toxins, nourishing hair growth, clearing lungs, regulating digesting functions and increasing overall vital power in the body.

        4. Asafoetida: A seasoning substance, which has the medicinal value to cure gastric allergies, whooping cough, and stomach pain, caused due to gas.

        5. Bay leaf: It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which boosts immune power, regulates the metabolic rates, enriches hair growth, regulates the nervous disorders and cures blood related health illness.

        6. Black pepper: It has the ability of reducing gastric allergies, regulating the gastrointestinal activities, levels the enzymatic actions and equalizes the heart rates. Along with, its anti-oxidant property kills cancer-causing cells effectively.

        7. Black salt: It acts as cooling agent, which helps for regulated digestive function, and heals heartburns and settles down the intestinal gastric allergies as a laxative. Apart from these, it also helps improving eyesight, skin problems, hair nourishment, joint disorders, controlling obesity & high cholesterol, respiratory disorders, and depression.

        8. Cardamom: To regulate metabolism, blood pressure, digestive system, blood circulation, urinary illness, and to lower the risks of spasms, cardamom acts well with its vitamins & minerals components present with it. It is also used in the form of high volatile oil.

        9. Carom (Ajwain) seeds: Enriched with high nutrients & minerals with fat, protein, fiber it acts effectively to cure stomach related problems, asthma, cold & flu, cholera, alcohol addiction, diabetes mellitus, kidney stone, acidity & flatulence.

        10. Cayenne pepper: To cure sinus problems, wash away the toxins from the body, balance the hormones, and mainly act effectively against foreign infections, cayenne pepper acts effectively with the other name as Hot pepper.

        11. Chilli pepper: A hot flavoring food substance enriched with anti-oxidants helps burning calories and cholesterol.

        12. Cinnamon: A beloved spice across the world for its pleasing aroma, cinnamon increases cognitive functions, reduce aches, provides stamina to bones, and gives glowness to skin & brightness to the eyes with its anti-biotic property.

        13. Cloves: It has strong taste because of its anti-oxidant, anti-septic, anesthetic, and rubefacient properties. It has effective organic compounds and volatile oil compounds to fight against cancer cells, cardiac issues, premature ageing, shaping the human body membranes and balancing the fluids flowing in the human being.

        14. Coriander seeds: Presented with high medicinal value it cures sore throat, cold, headache, body ache, sinus allergies, digestion irregularities, and hay fever effectively.

        15. Cumin: Cumin increases sperm counts, balances heart rate & blood pressure, cures muscle disintegration, manages enzymatic functions and increases red blood cells with its carminative, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

        16. Dill seeds: With high amount organic compounds, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, iron, manganese, it helps curing digestion irregularities, insomnia, diabetes, and excess gas, enhance bone strength, menstrual disorders, respiratory disorders, dental health and even helps curing cancer rates.

        17. Fennel seeds: To regulate the bowel movements, prevent premature ageing, increase enzymatic functions, increase anti-oxidant power fennel seeds play vital with its organic components, iron, vitamins & minerals, zinc, calcium, and acid properties.

        18. Fenugreek seeds: It has the capability to regulate digestion, lowers down the risk of constipation, balances the insulin level, regulates bodily fluids, and regulates imbalanced vitamins & minerals deficiency.

        19. Garlic: A component named “Alicin” is found in garlic. Alicin not only a fat burning food, it also helps to flush the extra fat from the body. Therefore, consumption of garlic will help to lose body fat also.

        20. Ginger: Ginger helps in reliving the digestive upset and people from centuries using it. Ginger improves digestion in the body and helps us to lose extra fat.

        21. Mustard seeds: Enriched with organic compounds and volatile oils, mustard seeds help boosting overall well-being, skin nourishment, dental health, strong bones, and reduce the risk of premature ageing. In addition, it helps for balanced functioning of organ systems of the body with its high B complex vitamins.

        22. Mint: As a refreshing agent, presented with anti-biotic & anti-oxidant properties, it deals with all set of ailments in terms of dental health, digestion, nausea, cold & cough, migraines, respiratory disorders, breastfeeding, depression & stress, skin care, memory power, female sterility, cancer, hay fever, and allergies.

        23. Nutmeg: With its great presence of anti-oxidants, and other required vitamins & minerals, it effectively fights against fungal infections, regulates the digestive system, reduces gastric illness, and prevents muscle degeneration.

        24. Nigella seeds (Sesame): Enriched with high amount of anti-biotic components, Nigella seeds become the solution for ailments about liver health, diabetes, cancer, weight loss, hair nourishment, and skin care.

        25. Paprika powder: Enriched with high vitamin C components, it cures cold, influenza, cramps, regulates digestive problems, and blood circulation effectively.

        26. Parsley: Parsley is the solution for deficiencies that happen because of the lack of vitamin A, K & C, thiamin, riboflavin, dietary fiber, foliate, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper and potassium.

        27. Pepper: Hot peppers like jalapenos, chipotles and habaneros indirectly help to burn body fat. They contain capsaicin, which gives benefits that are related to losing body fat. They increase body temperature and this will speed up our metabolism & fat burning process.

        28. Poppy seeds: Poppy seeds act as best source of minerals, niacin, foliate, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and fiber.

        29. Saffron: The carotenoids present in the saffron helps killing the wound infections, enhancing the mood, inducing sound sleep, regulating the hormone secretion and leveling the blood pressure, hence pregnant women are advised to take saffron added with milk regularly.

        30. Turmeric: A great anti-septic and anti-biotic substance fights against cold & flu, diabetes issues, healing cut wounds & injuries. In addition, it provides good nourishment to the skin.

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