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Yoga and its importance for healthy life

The term yoga derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means the union of individual consciousness and the soul within the Universal Consciousness of Spirit. Could even say as Yoga is a century old Indian body of knowledge where it involves not only physical postures but also the focus of human mind and soul.

The science of Yoga segments the complete essence of Yoga life as Gyan Yoga - the Philosophy, Bhakti Yoga - the way to devotional bliss, Karma Yoga – the way to blissful deeds, and finally Raja Yoga – the way to control the mind. Raja Yoga can be segmented down into 8 more wherein in this system there are a different set of techniques to balance and unify the heart core system of Raja Yoga’s asana practice.

Yoga - a natural medicine

Yoga asanas are nowadays be considered as an alternative medicine for all set of ailments in the present scenario which has been actually observed from ancient Indian practice of Hatha Yoga.

Is Yoga that important?

Yes, absolutely. Yoga undergoes complete and continuous exercises for both physical and mental well-being. In regard to physical stage, the Yoga comprises different asanas or the postures to keep the body healthy. Whereas, in the mental stage, Yoga comprises various exercises that manage breathe – the Pranayama and meditation techniques – the Dhyana to restrain the human mind and soul.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga incorporates more relaxation techniques that provide sound health. Most importantly Yoga provides significant effects in the human body as:

Rising flexibility: Few Yoga positions stimulate powerful influence upon various joints & ligaments of the human body. Such postures increase lubrication of tendons, ligaments & joints and at the same time they exercise the parts for flexibility, hence no radar screen requires to rely upon. The human body that might not get rigid experience would get remarkable flexibility because of the non-strenuous Yoga postures.

Complete body massage: Yoga through its thought processing activity, massages all the internal organs and glands of the human body including other parts of the body. Such stimulation and organ massage turn an ample amount of benefits to the human being by providing great immune power that to even escape from fatal diseases.

Overall detoxification: Yoga and its asana postures stretch out the joints & muscles, massage the internal organs & glands gently hence provide finest blood supply to all the parts of the human body. This help greatly to flush out all the toxins settled down in all the nook & corners of the inner organs, which in turn would provide an anti-ageing feature, stipulated energy and significant zest for the entire life.

Adding to that, it tones the muscles wherein flaccid & weak muscles would stimulate to lose excess flab & flaccidity and turn young, fresh and glowing. Also, Yoga helps the human body to lessen any kind of chronic pain ailments, lower back aches, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome et al to name a few. Appending below are the health benefits which Yoga helps humans to gain:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • No effects of insomnia
  • Increased flexibility
  • Good muscle strength and tone
  • Enhanced energy, vital power and improved respiration & circulatory nodes
  • Well maintained level of metabolic rates
  • Helps to shed excess weight and flab
  • Helps to maintain perfect cardiac health
  • Enhanced and well balanced athletic energy
  • A cover for injuries with protective pre-ready immune system

Author Name : Sangeetha.

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