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Love At First Sight

Well, everybody certainly have a lot of memories and joyful rides when saying about “love at first sight”. When we look back we could have a lot of wonderful moments, stories, joy, craziness, stupidity, lots and lots of love etc revolving around us in all stages of love. But it has different impacts for each and every individual. For some people they had positive impact and some might have a very negative impact. So yes indeed I too had an experience of my love at first sight. That was obviously a wonderful moment. Even after many years, I could relish upon that feel, and million or trillion won’t equalize that adrenaline rush of feelings and emotions.

That was the day, that special moment of meeting up both my tears and smile happened. It is a very special moment and accompanied by a very special person in my life. Yes that person was my husband. That moment was nothing but my motherhood. I saw my tiny little angel the very first time after 9 months of carrying her in my womb along with a bunch of emotions and could see a rush of emotions on face. So the moment I saw her and touch her, I was into a rush of feelings which only a mother could feel and enjoy.

Nobody else in the world could experience that at any cost. No technology development or inventions could steal it from a mom. Because the time when tears and smile meet will mean the moment precious in lifetime. It had happened to me. From that moment onwards, my sweet little princess ruled my kingdom with so much lovely unforgettable memories. The feel of my husband would have been different from mine as he was also there with me inside labour room giving me moral support and mental strength that time. He might have got even more prepared mentally seeing me suffering with pain, crying going unconscious etc. The very moment he saw our kid made him feel the happiest person in the world with a sigh of relief and mixed emotions. That one moment is much precious in our life ever.

This love at first sight never faded yet in any moment but still its growing as an exponential curve. Though we had many experiences like bad happenings, misunderstandings, falling apart from each other at times. This love never took a step back whether to continue or break up. That is the peculiarity. Whatever will be the situation, circumstances could be the love keeps growing regularly without speed breakers. It is unconditional, eternal having no boundaries.

She became my strength, moral support and at times weakness as well. No words can explain it well. It holds no ego, no expectations and no disappointments. Her love towards me and vice versa often gives me laughing tears. Each and every moment of being with her in new phases of life adds up loads of life like we get in video games. Whenever we get failed and fed up, we can make use of this life and proceed further with feeling of excitement. Having a baby in life is like rain in a hot summer, seeing a drop of water in a desert, getting food after days of hunger, seeing our own family after years of separation etc. My cute little creation adds memories and meaning to my life. She taught me a lot of emoticons which we use in mobile chat apps and could see the same from her face. This love is wonderful describing it in words is quite impossible. Only we can feel it.

It is A treasure, A blessing, A pleasure and It is a dream coming true. My love at first sight entered my life, filled my home with the blossoms of her, made me powerful and made my life colourful. I can evidently see my Goddess in her pure form of love and getting drenched in her kisses and warmth in her hugs. Thanks for the heavenly feeling God had showered me.

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