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What expectations will a girl have after her marriage?

It is not a big blunder that if a girl expects few things even after her marriage. Marriage is nothing but creating a relationship between a boy and a girl to become life partners as per nature’s principle. Hence there is no need to changing her entirely as per in-laws family codes and policies, but then she should make sure about her to fit herself within that family rightly. She must be sure towards few points that are of:

  •  Respecting the in-laws and the other family members
  •  Taking care of the whole family as if her own family
  •  Be polite, and having patience
  •  Maintaining very good and fair relationship with her husband

Apart from the above-said points, girls actually wish below appending points:

1. Though she changes her surname, she wants her hubby to respect her parents evenly

2. Though she wears mangal sutra, bangles, and sindoor, she wants to be in her style of hairdo and a decent outfit 3. Though she calls her in-laws as ‘dad’ & ‘mom’, she wants to visit her parents sometime, would like to talk to them often at least once a day

4. Though she became a woman from a girl suddenly, she wants to stay connected with her friends

5. She is ready to wake up early in the morning, but then she wants to take rest or a small nap in the noon time

6. She is ready to become a master-chef in the kitchen, but then she wants someone from the family to give presence in the kitchen as well

7. Planning for the baby is actually between the couples, and so she doesn’t want anyone to raise questions on that which is actually very personal

Girls know what is to do and what are all not to do. Hence people can give some freedom to their expectations after the wedding bells rang.

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