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Happy Motherhood

Who said being motherhood is easy. Yes! It’s not so easy but it’s the very tough part of every woman to enjoy every moment. I just recollect the memories of my last official working day and eagerly waited to pass my pregnancy months and subsequent motherhood stage.


I got most powerful motherhood advice from my mother. Ironically, it’s the golden words of Motherhood wisdom to me. Motherhood is really very hard and it will test our patience. I remember the first week of motherhood was super and enjoyable moments for me. It was taken some days for me to cope with the sudden and rapid change in lifestyle.


During the initial some months, I faced sleepless nights, vomiting, hate to eat anything and often felt hungers and being tired always. Next few months, every night for atleast four long hours, all I did was walk around the bedroom, with my eyes half wide shut open, singing all my favorite, I ever knew and trying to relax my baby gently to sleep. I may be slept after 4 hours but my husband will awake most of the time, the entire night even after completing his entire tough day job. I remember, he will often roam in the road during the midnight to buy food for me. Every woman should have your husband support to move these days happily. My man really supported me a lot to pass my days during pregnancy. There are no words to express my thanks to him. Why I need to thank? He is my better half of my body, Soul and Life.


During the 9th month, I often experienced morning sickness. My body feels like a balloon and experienced as my body is not mine and someone has taken the control. Now my body is the shared space with my baby. I have taken this uncomfortable phase as more and more enjoyable. All the above it will be over-whelming joy and excitement.


Finally the day came. The pain I experiencing during the birth of my baby is only little bit than I expected / heard. It’s only least notable pain. It lasts all only for two minutes. I have seen our Little Prince and heard his crying sound. Oh!


After the birth of my baby, Seeing our Little Prince, I can’t able to control my tears. Still I don’t why I cried that much. Even the doctor and nurse surrounded me has can’t able to stop myself from crying.


All in all, it was a terrible experience. There’s no other way to describe it. The pain is unique but not ungodly. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, you can totally handle it


By seeing our little Prince, all the passed days seems like a tiny star far away and I felt like flying in the top of the sky.


Have a Happy Motherhood !!!

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