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Love and be loved

Motherhood is not only about making kids to grow, it’s more than anything else in the world which cannot be expressed in words. Imagine the connection we have with this person. That word, when we heard, taps our soul and salty water wells up in our eyes. It gives strong impact on our body. It makes us strong, it gives love, and it provides care.


I love my mom very much for making me like this and now I’m in a position, which is only because of her. She put me on her shoulders; she is my guardian, my well-wisher, my cook, my friend and my care taker.


Every girl’s parent ambition is to get her married with a good man to take care of her in their absence. When I got married and when I came to my mother-in-law home. It’s like new world for me but I tried my best to adapt to that situation. I came with lots and lots of dreams.

Initially my mother in law will treat me like a third person. She will differentiate me comparing to her daughter. I will be treated as last and rest in the family. I feels like ignored by everyone in the family except my husband.


While they ignored me I kept my Mother advise live “If any one ignored you, Make them feel like they are most important person for you, Just be yourself and Show them your love and affection continuously and then see what will happen”.


I just did the same thing whenever she ignores me like that. Days passed and her daughter got married and she went to her mother in law home. My mother in law called her daughter and asked how she was there? Then her daughter replied “here these people were treating me like queen and they will not even allow step me down in any situations".


Her mother in law is none other than my Mother. Yes, she married my brother. Then she realized that how she treated her daughter in law and how she is behaving towards me. Now my mother-in-law started treating me as her own daughter.

Life is most precious, Let us show love and be loved.

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