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Mothers Love

In some sayings we listen that god cannot stay everywhere so he has created mother .That’s true. I think my mother is a person like no other women in this world. She gave me life, she nurtured me, she taught me everything in life, and she showed the world to me. She kissed me many times and shouted me sometimes also. We cannot find the love of motherhood anywhere else.

It’s so pure. In mother’s love we wont see jealous. She will provide your need heart fully. Once myself and my sister was fighting for Television channel. My mom can’t able to control our fight. She got anger and scolded us a lot. We thought that she was scolding us unnecessarily. So I started arguing with my mom.

Me and my sister both decided not to speak with our Mom, since she scolded us. Our mom got angry and said that she will not cook anything for us. She informed us to stay hunger all the day. We spent our day without eating we thought that we don’t need anything from our Mom. We were on so much anger on my mom. Me and my sister challenged my mom by saying that we will not speak even a single word to her. Our anger forgets her love.

Our anger hides her tears. Our anger didn’t judge our mistake. Our anger made us to travel against our Mom. We didn’t realize that she will get hurt. The next day, my sister forgets everything and started eating the food prepared by our mom. I feel hungry but I am just acting like I’m not in hungry. My mom looked at me and said it’s enough now. it’s been a day that you have not taken the food I prepared.

Food is on the dining table. Go and eat. Don’t spoil your health. She said that words with giggling face and then I too smiled at her and went to eat. Mother’s anger is just for few hours. She forgets and forgives. The love which you feel cannot be explained.

That’s mothers love.

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