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Reborn as a mother

Do you believe in rebirth? Do you believe in second life??

If yes, Only Women can reborn as a mother in the human life. It triggers the inner peace.


The most amazing feeling which I had ever is during my motherhood. It will make me to feel the change physically, mentally and emotionally. Entire Feelings will be totally different experience if you will have your First Child. Yes, My Daughter is the one who survived among the remaining one.


First Cry of the Baby will make you to forget all your pain of life even the labor room pain. I still remember that moment when I hear my baby’s first cry. Yes, you heard it right. That was the greatest moment of Women’s life. New woman in you will reborn when you give birth to a child.


New shade of you begins to walk. She looks like a beautiful little angel coming all the way from god’s hands for lightening my life even much brighter than ever.


She opens the closed doors in my heart by her innocent smile which fulfills all the vacant rooms of my life with her pure love. My greatest happiness starts to fly like thousands of butterflies inside my heart. It wakes up the mother inside me when I was feeding her for the first time. I understood the real meaning of mother. Emotions, care and unconditional love are the three mantras. Being Women especially Mother is the greatest gift of a woman and it is the power of a woman.


It makes me feel happy at the moment when she holds my hands tightly and sleeps. Her smiles nullify all my worries. My Sweetest moment is when she calls me AMMA.

I found a new world with her, her smile, hugs, giggles. What not! I live the moment and enjoyed a lot when I was laying down with her on the floor and playing with her. I laugh like joker when I try to make her laugh. My Husband calls me MAD after seeing it. I feel happy when she laughs hard. She is my world of happiness.


I feel awesome after I become a mother. My life being a mother is crazy. I can become an Intelligent Cat, Dog, Elephant to make her smile and clap. I will compose and sing songs. Sleepless nights, 24/ 7 shifts are quite challenging during the earlier months. Of course, I had started loving it. That is why I meant as Crazy.

Yes, it invoked my happiness of being a woman. We can find the next stage of our life. I found a new woman in me. She makes my world more colorful.

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