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Who is a Mother

She is a woman of sacrifice, selflessness, sentiments, spirituality. Mother is a incomparable creation of god. She is like a candle which melts itself and gives light to others. The same way, a mom will never ever expect anything she will do to their children, or others. She does everything with love and care wholeheartedly without anticipating anything. She is a completely bizarre in nature. Nobody can beat her love and affection at any cost. She is an example of unconditional and eternal love. In each and every actions of a mother, there lies only love and no other expectation. She never has feud with anyone. Her heart is always tender, so kind and warm in all the situations. She is as soft as a new born baby, as beautiful as a moon.

God had created mom to replace him and fulfill his place in everyone’s home. A mother always thinks about their kids, their requirements and their needs. She will do anything and everything for their kids. She is of so soft nature but when something happens to their children or somebody hurt their kids, then we can see a Jhansi Rani in every mother. She never gives up her family and kids especially to anybody. She is the sole supporter anytime even if they do completely wrong actions. She provides her full support to them. She stands as moral strength behind their success all the time. Nobody can replace a mom not even the creator of the world.

A mother is ocean of pure love, her care is as high as the sky, she is so pure as a rain drop. A family cant be considered happy or fulfilled or complete without her. She always acts as a pillar of strength. We can never equalize her with anything. For all the actions, care, work, she does, she expects only love and care in return. She is a donor of pure love in all forms. Women are the backbone of their families. All the mothers are indeed wonderful mothers. A mother’s love can’t be explained which is impossible to describe in words. It can be felt until and unless you become a mother.

A mother start caring for her child right before the baby is born and continues to nurture them throughout their life. A job of a mother cannot be as easy as one thinks. She is the one who everyone will throw their pain, their anger, their fear and most of everything. But she accepts everything no matter how much hard it will be and give back only love and support and stand behind them as a word of encouragement. She is the first and foremost teacher for kids. And the best teacher teaching them how to behave and respect others. She will make them to grow confident to be unselfish and honest. The basic qualities of a child and their character building starts from the mother and its purely in her hands. A mother always makes sure of her children’s safety and comfort in every place they go. She always tops the list in grooming up their kids with good character and their health factors.

She never compromises anything on par with the kids. Mother will be reason for the success of kids in any of the ways as a motivator or helping in getting it done behind them. Mothers are the cheer leaders as well as the ladders of the kids. She also has heart breaks, health issues but her conscience is every time towards children. She has to always make sacrifices. But she understands kids all the time. The influence of a mother over their children can never be underestimated. She has an incredible power and tejas towards kids. The value of a mother can be better understood by the kids or adults who don’t have one. That situation of bringing up a baby without a mother is a big tragedy. Nobody in the whole world can equalize a mother’s pure love and which is eternal. How old a man will be he always needs a mom of wishes to sleep in her lap.

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