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NUDITY during kids play


My daughter and the little boy next door were discovered playing with their clothes off. Now what?

Think about it:

Satisfying their curiosity about their bodies by removing their clothing is developmentally appropriate behaviour for children from about age four to six. Kids aren’t thinking the same things you are about the naked body. They’re just innocently curious.


1. The best approach is a calm, even tone of voice and an appropriate comment, such as, “Your clothes need to stay on when you play. Please get dressed right now.” Then help the children dress and redirect their play.

2. Siblings of the opposite sex who have a close relationship may explore each other’s private parts with the same innocence that they tickle each other’s feet. A simple statement such as “That is your brother’s private part. Any part your bathing suit covers is private. We don’t touch each other’s private parts,”

3. Nude play may indicate that it is time for beginning sex education sex education. It may be a good idea to share a basic child’s book about sex, such as Where Do I come from? Keep the information simple, and answer your child’s questions honestly but simply. Let your child know that you’re the one to come to for answers to questions.

4. Pay close attention to the television and movies that your child is witness to. Young children are great mimics and will imitate what they see adults do, even when they don’t understand the significance of what they are imitating.

5. At a later time, have a discussion with your child and explain the boundaries in easy-to-understand terms, such as, “It’s OK to take off your clothes when you’re changing or having a bath. It’s good manners and appropriate behaviour to keep your clothes on and your bathing-suit areas covered up at all other times.” This is a good time to address the issue of appropriate and inappropriate touching.

If your child continues to be involved in nude play or demonstrates a deeper understanding of the significance of the play, it is wise to seek the advice of a professional. A doctor or counsellor can recognize or rule out any inappropriate acts on the part of any adult in the child’s life or any other underlying problem.

Excerpted from
Book: Perfect Parenting
Author: Elizabeth Pantley

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