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What a woman need

When a man opens the car door for a woman, he is not doing it because she can’t. He knows she is quite capable of opening the door herself. He does it to show her he cares. He does it to say, “You are special. Let me show you how special you are to me.”

When she gets this message again and again on a date, she begins to relax and glow. She feels happier and more fulfilled. Why does she feel so fulfilled? Because a deep hunger or need is being met. It feels good, it feels nurturing, because it is. It is exactly what she needs and he is happy to do it. After a long day at home or at work, taking care of the needs of others, a woman has many needs. This is a list of what a modern woman needs. 


She needs the attention of someone who cares about her.

She needs the help of someone who wants to take care of her needs.

She needs time when she is not considering what everyone else wants but when someone is considering her wishes. 

She needs someone who understands what she likes and makes a plan so that she doesn’t even have to think. 

She needs someone to anticipate her needs, wants, and wishes and to offer to help without her having to ask. 

She needs someone to notice her, love her, and adore her.

She needs someone to miss her and desire her.

She needs to love freely and trust that she will be loved in return.

She needs someone who cares about her well-being to understand what she is going through and recognize the validity of her feelings.

She needs someone she can confide in who is trustworthy and will not turn on her or break her confidence by revealing her secrets.

She needs someone who regards her as special.

She needs someone to help her in her life so she doesn’t feel she is doing it all by herself. 

She needs someone to feel passionate intimacy with.

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