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A Difficult choice I have ever made

One or the other day, everyone in this world will be definitely facing a situation where they need to make a difficult choice in their lives. Most of them try to escape or avoid the situation but few people face them boldly and overcome the situation by taking some tough decision.

There are many things that really matters a lot in our lives like family, friends, love, career and managing all these things at a time. Sometimes we fail in keeping up one of these things due to some reasons. At that time we are made to or we need to sacrifice something or someone very important in our lives. When coming to my situation, I define difficult choices are nothing but when we know that we are going to lose something temporarily or permanently because of the decision we made. I want to share one of my experiences where I made to take a bold step to take a difficult choice in my life.

I think this happened three years back. After the completion of my B.E graduation, I went to Hyderabad to join training for software courses. After completing the training, I haven’t got any interviews. Even failed in some interviews which I have attended. Finally, when I got the confidence like I can crack the interview and decided to start my job trials again.

One day, suddenly I got a call from my amma (mom) saying that you got a marriage proposal and told me that anna (brother) has send the guy’s profile to your mail ID and asked me to check it. I’m very much disappointed on listening my mom’s words since that’s the time I am about to start my career. I tried to convince my mom regarding this but she didn’t listened to me because not only my mom, all the mom in India will feel the same like this is that this is the right time for a girl to be get married.

Finally I have been forced to see his profile. His name is Karthik and his profile is really good, looking average, then I came to know that why amma has forced me to see his profile. But anyway, I felt like this is where my career is going to end. I just thought of if there is a chance of working after my marriage. I finally decided to ask Karthik regarding this. At that time my parents arranged a meeting between us. Two weeks later, all of a sudden my mom asked me to come to my hometown informing me that karthik is going to come to our home to meet us.

The next day I have started to my home and he came with his family the very next day. I am really very much tensed and in a frustrated. My mom asked me to wish everyone and allowed me to serve them with some soft drinks and sweets. Later I sat on a chair facing karthik and their family members, they asked me few routine questions. After some time everyone left us alone in the main hall so that we both can have a talk in private.

There we started our conversation. He started asking me few questions regarding my family, my academic qualification, my working status etc. While they asked, I brought all my courage to ask him whether if everything between our families is good. Whether I can work after the marriage or not? He simply replied that there is no need for you to work after marriage because I’m earning enough to run the family. I didn’t speak anything at that moment since I’m unable to take that to my heart. Even I didn’t liked most of the things in him. Just then everyone came, that is where our conversation ended.

Later both our parents had some conversation for some time and they left. Then my mom asked me about Karthik if I liked him or not. I said NO. But anyway my mom and all my family members together convinced me to get married to him. I left with no choice since Karthik and their family really liked me. Finally they fixed our engagement. So my mom didn’t allow me to go back to Hyderabad. I stayed back at home. Few weeks later before engagement, Karthik came to my home to meet me casually. We went for outing along with my cousin. First we had our lunch and then we gone for a movie.

Every girl will be having her own expectation about her would be husband like taking care of her, some surprise plans etc. But he didn’t care for me and I really didn’t like his attitude. I felt like he is not the right person for me to be my better half. That is the time I have to make a difficult choice in my life because our engagement date is already been fixed.

All the way I’m thinking how to convey this matter to my mom. But anyway I have decided to tell my mom about this. I just returned home with my cousin and told my mom that I really don’t want to marry that guy. I can’t be happy with him asked my Mom to cancel the engagement. My mom just shocked after listening to my words. She said that this is not the right time to tell this. Then I said that you are not going to stay with me all the time after marriage. I have to take care of my life thereafter and this is the most important decision I need to make. I said that this is my life, I have the right to choose my life partner and I’m not going to marry this guy at any cost.

Everyone got angry with me. Things went horrible for more than ten days in my home, but I didn’t gave up. All my family members tried to convince me in many ways but I didn’t get convinced. Finally they understand my situation that I can’t be happy with him even if they forcefully get me married to him, so they cancelled the engagement. My mom didn’t spoke to me properly for one month. I really felt very bad at that time. But time changes everything.

Slowly everything become normal and now I’m working in a software company and leading my career the way imagined to be. I really feel proud for taking difficult choice at difficult times.

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