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So tell me “Who am I “? I mean this question everybody in their life would have asked themselves at least once. We can say I’m a girl, I’m daughter of so and so or can I’m doing this work etc. But look into the question deeply and think about one thing. The reply for this question differs from person to person. Also if its asked to other people then you will get to know the notion of them on us. We can get to know how many different faces we are wearing.

So, actually who are you? Are you a simple man? Are you a kind personality? Are you a responsible person? Are you selfish? Are you a socially responsible man? Like this there are a lot to answer. In life, there are a lot many stages. In each stage, we have various roles. Are we doing all the roles proficiently or effectively? In each stage of life, we are wearing not a single face, but different faces in different occasions. Are we reacting to sensitive issues around us? I mean the society. Obviously No. It happens in front of our eyes, heart of mind knows which is wrong and which is right.

But if we are not directly affected then, we won’t be reacting to it. So, where is our social responsibility? What is a society? We as a people together will form the society. So, all the people are interlinked with one or the other one directly or indirectly. But, all the individuals have now become selfish. Everybody is surrounding themselves in a small circle. Whichever is applicable to them good, they will do that irrespective of whether it harms others or even think of it. If it harms someone or the surroundings or the environment dangerously, then they should take the responsibility.

But how a man reacts to it is different. If there is a gain for them, whether that is fair, or dharma stands or prevails, nothing they would feel, the gain for them is important. If you ask yourself, who am I? At every circumstance, then you can easily reveal what kind of a person you are at that situation. It will help you change the way how you look at that in a specific way. The sin or the societal effects everything starts initially from an individual. It means every individual is so powerful to keep the society, nature, environment clean, safe. The root for anything begins from an individual.

We should safeguard the women but the fact, most of the people are the reason for deteriorating their safety and physically, emotionally harming them. The expectation is not that everyone should be a Mahatma, Buddha, Jesus Christ or Mother Teresa. At least a normal average human that can be good at heart and do stuffs which never harm the society by their seed of thought. They don’t have to work hard for the society, but at least in a short note, they can help if they can, they can be disciplined. They can sow the seed of good thought to the growing generation which will be a cause of a better disciplined society.

So, keep asking “Who am I”? at all the circumstances then you can easily get a truthful answer and your decision may change.

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