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Bond between me and my sister

A sister is a worth of thousand friends i can say. She is the one who is sweet, kind, caring, loving, inspiring and supportive to me all the time.

My sister is very special to me because without her my childhood is incomplete. We both used to do many things. We used to play all the games very competitively and at the same time we enjoyed a lot. Most of the times in our childhood we used to fight with each other for many things like toys, chocolates, frocks etc. We used to go to school together and studied competitively and participated in all the events very actively. When people from outside watch us for the first time they used to ask like if we are twins.

We have been together even in our college also. We stayed in the same hostel. Since we became older now, we stopped fighting for silly things. We came to know many things like how to be together when we are in a different place, how to mingle with different people etc. We both used to discuss many things like what to do and what not to do. We always supported each other in every aspect. She loves me very much. She encouraged me in doing many things in college like actively participating in paper presentation, organizing the cultural activities, leading juniors to do certain things in college tech fest.  I'm feeling very blessed to have such a lovable sister in my life.

For me she is not a sister, she is a mother to me. Most of the people say elder sisters are like second mother in the family and that is true in my case. There are certain situations she even proved herself. When she wants me to hide a secret of hers and asks me not to say that to anyone, i will definitely make it. Even if someone says that your sister revealed one of your secrets, she is not going to react for that situation since she knows me very well that I am not going to tell her secret to anyone. That much we trust each other. At that time, i really feel proud to be her sister. Only a mother can keep such a trust on her daughter, the same way my sister does.

I want to share one of the incidents where my sister supported me very much. One day I want to cook something in the kitchen for the first time, we entered the kitchen, started cooking and even before the cooking was completed, the whole kitchen was spoiled because of my fault. Just then my mom entered the kitchen and just wondered seeing everything. She was very angry with both of us and started scolding like anything.

At that time, my sister covered me instead of my mistake to help me from the situation, but actually the mistake was mine. She always covers my mistakes in front of our parents and corrects me later for that mistake. Like this there are many situations where my sister supported me in many things in my life. I love her very much but I never used to express that to her because she already knows how much I love her.

She is like a guide to me and helps me in taking right decisions. My sister is my role model. I believe that sisters are the given gift from the god. Really they care for us like a mother and share everything like friends and love us more than anyone. I really thank god for giving me such a wonderful lovable sister.

That's why there is a saying, Sisters By Chance Friends By Choice...

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