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Domestic Violence

What is domestic violence? It is a violent behavior committed by a family member or intimate power within the home with women in particular. Woman has been the victims of the torture by men. Let me tell you one of my experiences. I had a friend named Swathi. We are close friends. We both studied in the same school together for many years till our 12th standard. We even decided to study our graduation in the same college.

But unfortunately Swati’s parents have decided to get her married. She came to me and informed me that the news about her marriage and cried a lot. We both went to her house and tried to convince her parents but they didn’t listen to us. They simply said that you are teenagers, you don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Finally they forced her to marry that person without knowing anything about him.

After marriage she left her studies, parents and everything behind and went to other state with her husband. After one year, one fine day someone knocked the door of my house. My mom opened the door and asked me to come and see who came to our house in anxiety. Even my mom and Swathi are very good friends just like us. I just jumped like anything with happiness when I see her after a long time. We invited her to come inside. I took her to my bedroom and served her with a drink and I asked my mom to prepare something special for her in lunch.

We just had a small chat about all those sweet memories we had in our school days. Then I asked her “how is your married life? “ Just then suddenly she burst into tears. I told her not to cry and asked her the reason for her tears. She started crying more and more and suddenly she hugged me tightly and started telling about her problems.

She said that she was been harassed physically and mentally for more money. Swathi’s husband and his family members used to beat her and torture her to get more money and gold from her parents. She even got some money from her parents for them. She said that, my parents gave them enough dowry at the time of my marriage but still they are asking for more money. Few months back, they had a girl child. So for that reason that she has given birth to a girl child they started torturing her again for not having a baby boy. They said that leave that baby girl in an orphanage or get more money from her parents. Swathi couldn’t take that anymore and called her parents. She informed them about the situation and said that she is coming back to her parent’s home.

She told her parents that she never want to go back to her husband’s home again and applied for divorce. This time her parents supported her and didn’t force her to go back to that hell again. They agreed with her decision. She told me about her plan to continue her studies again and complete her graduation and find a good job to look after her baby.

How many years and how many days, women have to tolerate this domestic violence? There are many systems, acts and laws implemented against domestic violence by the Indian government but still there is no fear or change in the public. So, there is a need to bring awareness among the people about the problems faced by women due to domestic violence and fight against it. Please respect women….



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