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Experience of being let down by a friend

How you will feel if your best friend whom u trusted the most, cheated you?? Different people are going to react in different ways for different situations being let down by their friends. Today I’m going to tell you about one of my college friends, who is not here with us on earth because of the reason being let down by her friend.

We are three friends. I really don’t want to mention the real names here. But for instance let me say I am Ramya, her name is Sruthi and the other who betrayed Sruthi is Anusha. We are very thick friends since our childhood. We all even continued to study in the same college even after schooling. We enjoyed our college days very happily with lots of fun and competition. We used to share everything even the deep secrets of ours.

I think when we are in our B.E first year, one of my classmates Ram, proposed his love for Sruthi. She rejected him but he didn’t give up. He still continued to love her. He many times proposed her for almost six months but never forced her to love him. He is really a good and calm going person. He sincerely loved her.

Finally one day she told him that she will think about him. She also liked him but she just want to confirm whether he truly loves her or just for time pass. Before saying yes to his proposal she even asked me and Anusha regarding this, whether she is doing the right thing or not. We just told her, Do whatever your heart says and the next day she said ok for him. Their relation went really well for two years without any obstacles. One day when we are in the final year of our graduation, her parents fixed her marriage with one of her relatives.

Then she started worrying but anyways one or the other day she has to inform about the person she loved to their parents. One fine day she decided to tell her parents about her love. She told them that I’m in love with a person and after the completion of our graduation once we got settled we are planning to take your permission and get married. But Sruthi’s parents didn’t accept her love and house arrested her for some days and gave her ill treatment.

After some days, since the semester exams are commencing we have requested her parents to send her to college. We tried to convince them for a long time, at last they got convinced and agreed to send her to college on our words. Before sending her to college they warned her not to have any contact with Ram. And if they come to know that she is meeting him and talking to him, they said that they will kill him and get her married to her brother-in -law. Few days she didn’t even talk to him. But after some days they started talking to each other again.

And when we came to know that she is meeting him, she asked us not to inform to her parents. I asked her not to meet him since this is going to be a serious issue. But what Anusha did is, she called to her parents informing that they are getting into relation again. When Sruthi came to know this, she is very much disappointed that her own friend betrayed her. She trusted us more than anyone else. She is very frightened that how their parents are going to react and committed suicide by hanging herself to the fan in college hostel.

That’s it, we lost her forever. This is how sometimes we are being let down by our friends.

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