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Home Maker

Among the list of numerous professions I would like to add the homemakers as well. It is the ultimate profession by nature if we feel it professionally. Actually I would say it is the most difficult job ever by having work 24/7. I personally have an experience of working as a software professional for some years. In that profession it has its own shades of joy, pride, work pressure, enjoyment, deadlines, stress, working hours extension, friendship etc.

For that job I got paid with a decent and good package with stress. There were frustrations and pressures for that highly paid job. But presently I am a homemaker not by choice. I often feel that the IT job was far more better than being a homemaker. Homemakers are their own boss and an employee as well. Nobody have to control their work and no need to supervise them. They can do their job on their own but with perfection and commitment towards it. Any work done by them will be wholeheartedly and she will do it with full involvement and also in a more lovable way of her own.

She takes care of everybody with love, care and affection. She has her own word of responsibilities. She takes herself accountable for whatever she does and owes too. She plays a lot many roles everyday. Unlike an accountant, auditor, analyst who do the job allocated to them , she will do all sorts of job on her own. At times she will be a nurse, a mother, a care taker, a baby sitter, stress buster, mentor, guide and a lot more. She will work 24 hrs a day all day long without rest. They don’t have a day leave.

The chance of becoming homemakers is by choice or by circumstances. However they are the only ones responsible for all the happenings at home. In a day, she has to wake up early freshen up. First thing is to clean the messed up house by the kids at night. Then she has to make coffee/tea followed by breakfast. She has to wake up her children, get them ready for school feed them properly, dress them up and pack them their lunch. The most difficult job in the morning is to keep the kids ready on time.

Once they heads up to school, she has to continue doing the same for her husband, ironing his clothes, get him his breakfast on time. Then it proceeds to lunch preparations and it should satisfy all the people in house. Then comes the next task, if there is baby at home then she has to nurse the baby all the time, has to feed , play with him/her , give proper nourishments , being a patient baby sitter, make them sleep, clean the nappy and the list goes on. Next to clean up the house and the keep the things in tact neat and tidy. Kitchen should be taken proper care off , washing the utensils, clothes, arrange the wardrobe, removing the dusts and keep the house free from cob-webs etc. There comes the finance management.

She will remain as a better financial advisor ever and keep track of the finance of the entire family which includes budgeting, savings, expenditure, maintenance charges for the household chores, medical expense, festive time expense and all. She will allocate the money with better plans for running a family precisely without wasting money. Whenever there is a need for plumber, electrician she has to follow them up and get the work done at right time to avoid mess ups. After a day long work, all the people will return home in the evening fully tired. She will be the stress buster for them with a smiling face and making them comfortable.

All of the people will show their anguish, tension and frustration only to her. In weekends everybody will enjoy their day very leisurely. But for the homemakers those days are the busiest day in a week having work more than a usual day. They don’t have holidays irrespective of illness, weekend anything. Despite all the difficulties, she will always shower the people with her endless love and care. For all the other professions and jobs we do, we shall be paid in terms of money which is only of paper value. But homemakers they are getting paid only in the way form of love and affection which satisfies them and make them feel satisfied.

Hence Please do respect them and their dedication , give them the love they deserve. Try to understand that we cannot have a peaceful, fulfilling and most of tummy filling day without her. Avoid saying they are not doing anything at home sitting idle. Respect her, celebrate her and admire her whenever u feel and appreciate her with words of affection.

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