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Marriage wreak friendship

During my college days, I had lot of friends. I thought that my friends are very important personalities in my life but I lost them after I got married. But my husband is still now maintaining his school friends also. Just thinking why my friendship got drift away after marriage?


Marriage is a life changing milestone in a couple’s life. It not only alters their relationship with each other but also with others around them. These changes are more significant for women than men. Apart from change in her name, marriage profoundly changes the relationship of the bride with her friends too.


After marriage we are moving away to a different location and got slowly and finally completely losing our friends contact. Even if we thought of Keeping in touch over phone calls, texts, mails, it will become less frequent when days are moving fast. New friendships are forged and old friends gradually drift away.


Last month, in our apartment women’s club, we chat over regarding this. We discussed the reasons that alter friendships after marriage


Does the gender of our friends play a role in our friendships falling apart?


Yes, everyone thinks about the need for a woman to hold on to their friends and their friendships after marriage? Who are they to decide about us? It’s been so difficult but we need to accept the fact that one and only main reasons is we, woman’s only.


All the reason behind this is here we call husband as breadwinner and protector and wife as homemaker and mother. Even if a woman was working, there was an unspoken code about the roles a husband and wife would assume upon being married. But over the recent couple of decades, due to economic and socio-political changes, that code can no longer be assumed and more to the point — is in a process of reconstruction.

We, women have reconstructed!!!

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