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Time is the only thing which can never come back. 24 Hours in a day is not sufficient for women in this current century. In this 21st century Time Management / Family / Society / Work / are the biggest challenges. With current market and cost of living, every woman who is well enough educated has started working. It’s not only the matter of handling work but once you got married, few more responsibilities will get added in your life.


Biggest challenge arises when working women becomes mom. Additional to working at office, as an individual, her responsibilities increases. Managing work and kids are big challenges all the time. Once a Woman becomes Mom, she forgets about herself, her appearance and health. I suggest every working mom has to get sufficient time to plan her house hold works, office work, personal health care and family.


Taking care of above is not only the important thing but also you had to manage Professional Life too. With so many huddles you would have got a job. You have your own individual responsibilities at your work place. Managing both work and personal lives are very important. With pressure at work and thinking about your kids at workplace is the major challenge for a working woman.


Every Woman is handling day-to-day challenges. To get yourself away, make your time scheduled,


Kids – about their food, habits, studies, extra-curricular activities, their assignments, exams, etc

House Hold – Maid, Groceries, Iron, Washing, Bills, other expenses, etc

Partner – Full fill all his needs, cooking lunch / snacks, managing his family, health check-up, etc

Office – Deliver tasks in Time, Travelling on work to other locations, event / team handling, meetings – internal and external clients, etc


Working women has to face all the challenges in daily routine. You have to take time for some activities and need to manage your time,

1.    Come in relaxed way to Home.

2.    Come in and eat with your kids.

3.    Do something together with your kids.

4.    Step away from the Internet & Office work.

5.    Make one night as your special night with your partner.

6.    Spend enough time to sleep, At least 6 to 7 Hours per day.

7.    Make time for vacations, long weekends, and family fun to keep you grounded and joyful.

8.    Go for a party with your close friends.

9.    Need to make Work – Personal life balance.

10.  Take time to do Yoga or Meditation for atleast 15 to 20 Minutes in a day.

11.  Shopping, Watching movies, Dinner at good restaurants, Attending parties with your family for all occasions, etc.

12.  Gardening, service for poor people, spend time for art and crafts, etc.


Be smart women and make yourself happy. Have a happy womanhood.

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