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New Me

Most of the people throughout their whole lives go with some support from family or friends or others. And most of all the times we are going to take suggestions from our dear ones before making a decision but there are times I come across the situations like I had to make my own decisions, without even knowing if they are really the right choices for me or not. Some particular situations allow us to take decision all alone even if it is hard. Myself at that point of time, I will see a NEW ME.

I have experienced many difficult situations during my childhood which have taught me many lessons. My parents struggled a lot in order to provide good food, shelter and education for me and my brothers. Since we are three children each having two years difference, sometimes it becomes very difficult for them to manage the needs of the family and our school expenditures.

There are times they used to feed us with food, starving themselves with empty stomach .Many days, many times my dad used to come to our school to carry my school bag in the mornings and evenings which is completely filled with books of almost 4 KGs I can say. I still remember the days he used to come for me by walk all the way 3 KMs to my school since I am the younger one in my family and we are not in a position to afford money for rickshaw even.

Even our own relatives didn’t turned up, when my parents asked them for a help in extreme need. However, those situations have helped me to appreciate the small things of my life that people usually take for granted. Many of which have shaped who I am today. All these types of situation really had a great effect in my mind and heart too which resulted in bringing out a NEW ME out of me.

From those worst experiences, I really found a new me in many situations in my life thereafter.


The old me is just an average student but seeing my parents striving hard for us, I really worked very hard to stand first among the class in academics and all the other activities so that the school fee will be exempted for the whole year for the first two toppers in the class.

I find myself new, when my parents appreciated when I got my first job offer after my graduation.

- The old me is always had a short temper while talking with some people but now when I get angry I just keep calm for some time and then I will speak. Here most importantly I am just avoiding the argument with the people but not the people.

- The old me easily believes everyone even the strangers but now I’m very much reserved.

- The old me was never used to have control on emotions while the new me is capable of handling the situations and emotions.

- The old me was not that much good in maintaining relationships but the new me is completely different now.

- I really see a new me when I finally find my true love to take care of me for the rest of my life.

- The old me has the capability of doing only one job at a time but the new me is capable of multitasking. Like managing the personal things at home with my husband and children. And the professional things like technical part, HR management part and content writing.

- The old me was always used to lag me back in doing new things and now the new me gave me the confidence of doing anything in this world.

- The old me has never written any article before while the new me is writing the articles from my experiences.

I am working on a new me not because the old me is bad but because the old me can be improved.



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