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Power of Smile

Smile is an easy tool to enter into anybody’s heart. It is an entry point for all the relationships personally or professionally. People can have an easy access to any new face in their life if they are wearing a smile on their face. On the first meet itself, the person will have a good impression with a genuine smile. Smile creates a happy environment around you and for your surroundings as well. A smiling person will always have a positive energy around her/him. A good feel of everyday can happen certainly when we happen to see a smiling face.

Everyone is happy awaiting to see a smiling person if they are in mood out. Because it definitely will help them gain some positive energy once they spend some time with that person. People would always love to be in the company of the people spreading happiness around them. They always have an appealing nature and attractive personality being energised all the time. Even if it they have mood swings they can easily cope up and deviate it with ease. In any relationship smile is the entry gate and it always attract the person on the other side. In friendship after having a misunderstanding between the two, a simple smile will put an end to all those bitter happenings. In love a smiling face with smiling eyes is the first attraction in most of the cases.

Having a lot of arguments and sufferings which leads to separation can be ended up in seconds by smiling eyes with sweet tears and a warm hug. After getting back from work having a hard time throughout the day with lots of tensions and pressures leaving a person with no energy enters the home at the end of the day, having his/her kid running towards them with full excitement and a big smile will make them energetic by the kid’s lovely wrap around the legs. A little smile can make wonders and miracles which actually costs nothing. It will be always a little thing which leads to bigger happenings and smile is that little stuff.

There is a famous saying that, Smile is the only ornament which makes a woman beautiful. Any woman who enters into the new phase of her life as motherhood, have to go through a complete cycle of emotions and face tough period like body pain, tiredness, appetite, sleepless nights, burning eyes, nausea, profuse vomiting, fatigue, restlessness, change of emotions, lots of mood swings, change of her figure, weight gain, weight loss and much more. After passing through the entire cycle at the end she has to undergo the labour which is an unimaginable and unexplainable pain one can withstand to deliver the cradle of joy which is the baby.

Completing and struggling with all these, can you imagine the person will give a genuine heartfelt smile. But yes definitely by seeing the baby forgetting all that painful stress the tired woman will give a true smile wholeheartedly. This makes her feel how strong she is and how determined is her will power. So having a smile always project a woman positive, strong, powerful, sweet, beautiful, energetic and attractive towards others. Hence wear smile be happy and spread the happiness all around us. Ultimately ” if one could see 100 reasons to cry, then we could get 1000 reasons to smile”.

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