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Power of womanhood

Why a women need career?

My brother said, “Why you are learning So Hard, Learn cooking, it will be useful for your life”

My Father said, “Why do you want to go to Job. I will get you married with a rich man”

What this society is thinking about a Woman? Whether we don’t want to have good education? Whether we don’t want to go to job? Whether we don’t have a career?

After marriage, my husband asked my earnings to have it as my pocket money, to buy clothes for me, to buy beauty expenses for me and for my other needs. Why my family and my husband family is treating me equal to my husband? Whether I can’t buy a car? Whether I can’t buy a house? Whether I can’t bare the daily expenses? Whether I can’t fulfill the needs of my family?

Why my parents didn’t consider my career as much important and they have given preference to my brother. While they spent money for my brother’s education, they invested in gold for me. Whether I am supposed to be born for marriage and care my children. My husband didn’t change any schedule in his life but I changed everything starting my identity to location and family for everyone’s need. What’s the meaning of this stupid wife?

A woman doesn’t need a man with Bungalow, Car, Gold and Luxury. She needs a man to cook dinner, when she is late from office due to meeting. She needs a man to take care of kids, when she gone work trip in office. She needs a man to do grocery and vegetables shopping with her. She needs a man to stand with her in Kitchen.

The whole world thinks that husband needs to earn and wife needs to take care of family. Women should need to be depends on men. A girl was prepared for marriage from the moment she born. They are teaching us to be kind with everyone. They are teaching us Not be social with opposite gender, Not to speak loudly and Not to argue. So that a girl will be good bride and so called marriage life will be good.

All the happenings around me are wrong. I am equally graduated with my husband. I am equally earning with my husband. I am equally contributing for our house expenses. Then why our family is not treating me equal with my husband. My husband says that our children won’t grow good, if I went out to work. Whether he doesn’t that I can balance work and family. Whether he is thinking that it’s not his duty to grow up the children.

Women are no longer lesser than men. Even if the world pulls you down, come up with your bold face.

Show the power of womanhood!!! Change the meaning of womanhood!!!

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