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Save a girl child

Women play an equal and important role in the society. There are equal rights for both boys and girls in the Indian society. Now-a-days, they are equally participating with men in almost every aspect. But the survey says that few years ago, there is a huge decrease in the sex ratio of female when compared to men in India. It was so because increase in the crimes against women such as female foeticide, sexual harassment on women and even on girl child, dowry harassment deaths, illiteracy, gender inequalities and many more.

So, it is very necessary to save girl child in order to maintain the ratio of women in India. A girl can be a good daughter, sister, wife, Mother etc. She maintains many more relations in a very good manner. But why most of the people feel like girls are burden to their lives. Is that because they think girls are useless or for the reason they have to spend money on girl education and also in future they must be get married to a boy and there they have to spend lots and lots of money and feel like this is going to be a waste.

There is a famous saying that God created mothers because he could not be present everywhere. And even God must come from the mother’s womb. Everyone knows that without women, a boy child can never take birth in this world and there is no continuation of life in this world. Then why people do lots of violence against women and girl child? I am just wondering why this God’s creativity is getting killed continuously even before she taking birth in her mother’s womb and coming into this beautiful world.

I have many questions like why people are sexually harassing the girls at home, public places, schools, work place. Why the acid attacks are happening to girls again and again and why a girl child become victim of various men cruelty. I still didn’t understand one thing why men don’t think about their mother or sisters before doing such cruel things to other women or girl child. Not all the men are cruel but because of some cruel men, these questions are addressed to all the men in the Indian society.

Many people from many years, from many days, striving hard to eradicate these abuses against women but still there are many girls being suffered with the cruel activities going on in the current society. Government has taken some necessary steps to protect girl child and women in many ways by implementing many laws. But I didn’t understand why these things still happening again and again to us. Why the men are not frightened or respecting the laws. There is a need to bring awareness among the people regarding all these crimes happening against women by conducting more awareness campaigns.



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