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Strength of Women

Women are considered as the eyes of the nation. Right from the ancient Indian history, pre- independence India till now, we have notorious personalities of woman, who are treated as role models and inspirations for woman society. From our vedic period, women had been treated with great respect and had seen them as treasure in India. Women possess lot of mental strength compared with her physical strength. In fact, person having mental strength can achieve anything and everything they wish. Mental strength fixes our physical strength.

Usually we see men as strong, powerful, possess and maintain stronger strong physique. But women are equally good in all these with men. Qualities of women are so tender in nature & soft. That nature will make her shine in many aspects & she took even that as her strength which shows off in many situations. In ancient India women are treated as goddesses. She possesses lot of characteristics and qualities and each of it is her strength. Women took part in freedom struggle along with men showed her confidence, power and strong attitude without fear in front of the foreigners when we were in colony. They will show case the confidence they possess during our ancient history.

Education has been prohibited for women in our historical era. But women came out of all the odds, fought against all the taboos and started to have foot prints in all the fields. In ancient period women were highly pushed into household chores and family care that shows her ability of handling everything with love, affection and patience. We can see her dedication towards whatever work she does. Women are playing a lot of roles from daughter to a mom. In each role she has new set of responsibilities. It’s not easy to uproot a tree from one place to another place. The same applies to a girl from a family having her own culture and tradition will be going into entirely new family having different day to day activities once she is married. But she definitely adapts to the new atmosphere learning household chores leaving her own dreams.

The financial control is very well structured and executed by women better than men. She is a very good administrator ever not only in family but also in society. She has an efficient balance between work life and family. She is very flexible with co-workers and knows the tactics of how to get the work done. She is very well versed in coordinating the work, proper delegation and managing with full control. If a woman is leading team then definitely it will be with great discipline, fear and control.

They will leave their foot prints wherever they shine and create a history. Few examples are Velu Natchiyar, Sarojini Naidu, Indira Gandhi, Jayalalitha, Kiran bedi, Mamtha banarjee, Sudha murthy, Saina neiw al, Kalpana chawla and the great Mother teressa etc. All these personalities has shown their dedications and hard work in their respective fields with great respect. Even today these people are in an unimaginable place in history. Even after years they will be treated with great honour and irreplaceable. This shows the will power of woman.

Women are Source of dedication, Source of devotion, Source of dignity.

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