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The person whom I miss a lot Daddy

In each and everyone’s life both mother and father plays an equal and important role in the lives of their children. They share their love equally between us. But if someone asks a girl about whom you love the most in your life then definitely the most expected answer from any girl would be definitely his ‘DADDY’ since girls are very much attached to their fathers.

I can proudly say that no boy in the world can love a girl more than her father. That much love and affection every father will be having with his daughter. And at the same time, a girl trusts her father more than anyone else in this world. I think just like me every girl feels very much secured in the arms of her father. And this is where I’m going to tell you about my dad whom I never want to miss in my whole life time.

My dad is a government school teacher and also my first and best teacher too. He is a very dedicated person in both personal and professional life. He is really the most kind-hearted person I ever knew in my life. He always helps the people who are in need even if it is out of his ability.

I really learned many things from my father like his sincerity, commitment, patience, loving people, giving respect to elders and even younger ones, courage, maintaining relationship, active participation in all the activities and many more. This is never going to end if I go on explaining about my father just like explaining about the universe.

It’s been two years, I LOST MY DAD. I have seen the most terrible days of my life with the fear of losing my dad because of the health problem he got. I have never seen my dad in such a situation before, resting on bed with so much pain.

Actually, his health recovered for some time but suddenly one day, after one year, after my dad returned home from his school he felt somewhat uneasy or abnormal and slept earlier that night holding my hand. That night his health become very serious, then we came to know that he is been attacked by the same thing again. We have taken him to the hospital immediately at mid-night but the doctors said that his condition is very critical and there is no use of treatment and this might be the last day of his life.

That moment I felt like that’s the last day of my life too. After few hours he closed his eyes permanently forever, he died. Hearing that tears flowed out of my eyes like a river. I cried and cried a lot loudly saying “Daddy Please Don’t Leave Me, Come Back - I Really Need You”. Sometime later everything just became blank in my mind and dark in my heart. That was the worst time I ever had gone through my life. It took too long for me to become normal again but still I never forget my dad not even a single day.

His thoughts never leave me and his memories make me stay alive. If I had one more chance to have my dad here with me today, I would do things differently. Every day I would tell him how much he means to me…. Wherever you are, too far or too high,

I really MISS YOU and LOVE YOU so much DADDY..!!!


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