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Who am I

This is the question everyone will be asking themselves. It seems to be a simple question but really it’s not. If I start questioning myself the same, I feel like it’s really a complicated one to answer, my thoughts run like clouds in the sky. I will get multiple answers for the question. Who I am may also depend on where I am, what I’m doing, who I’m with etc. Who I am always keeps on changing in some ways. Like the same way, everyone will find different answers in different situations for this question. Today I want to share few thoughts of mine about Who am I?

At the same time, I believe that there are certain things in our personality which truly define us that will never change forever, no matter who we are, with whom we are, where we are, how old we get etc. I am someone who believes that there is only one life which we are aware of that we are humans and do whatever you want until you are not hurting others and live our lives to the fullest.

Who I am now is because of my mom and dad. I have learned many things from them like not hurting others, patience, singing, respecting myself and others. And few things like how to adjust in worst situations, how to be a good mother, how to treat guests, cooking and many more from my mom. All these things what I’m having and what I’m doing everything comes under who I am now.

Who am I? This question defines many things like what we are, where we are, how we are, who we are as a person…

  • Our Name
  • Our Gender
  • Our Age
  • Our Parents
  • Our Character
  • Our Attitude
  • Our Personality
  • Our Education
  • Our Identification
  • Our Profession
  • Our Status
  • Our Habits
  • Our Interests
  • Our Dreams
  • Our Achievements
  • Our Failures
  • Our Decisions
  • Our Goals
  • Our Mistakes
  • Our Nationality
  • Our Ability
  • Our Relation with others
  • Our Feelings like Happiness, Sadness, Love, Hate, Laughs, Cries, etc.

Everyone will be saying some common answers like I am a human, I am a girl, I am a boy, otherwise telling their names, their age etc. But what makes us unique from others is important. Everyone is unique in their own way which differentiates each of us from others. What we are doing to be a good person is more important.

Each and every moment in my life that goes by and my reaction to the moment, decides who I am. Some of the experiences let me down but made me stronger in my life and some moments make me happy.

I really thank God for giving me such a wonderful life and letting you know few things about who I am and Who we are….

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