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Exclusive Offers for Women Kurti

Kurti is traditionally Indian wear. Kurti is also referred as waist coats, jackets or blouses which sit above the waist without side slits. Kurtis are believed to have descended from the tunic of the Shunga period (2nd century B.C.) The kurti is distinguished from the choli by the latter leaving the midriff exposed. In the Punjab region, the kurti is a short cotton waist coat which is buttoned down the front to the waist.

In the past, women wore a chain of gold or silver around the kurtis buttons. Another style of Punjabi kurti is half or full sleeved and hip length with no front or back opening. In Bihar kurti is the combination of the choli and jacket. The kurti in Uttar Pradesh and the adjoining Himalayas region is a short blouse. In Gujarat and Kathiawar, the type of kurti (coat) falls to just below the waist. In Rajasthan Kurti is a full sleeved, tightly fitting, buttonless vest.

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